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The World of Dragoneia

Dragoneia is a world where one’s belief becomes reality. When the last dragons left the world and ascended into the Heavens, they imbued the land with their magic so that the world could reflect the will of the mortals who remained. Strong-hearted warriors can manifest great feats of magic, while fear and corruption spawns monsters, plagues, storms, and other terrors.

Now, the darkness in the hearts of men threatens the world once more. Whispers of war echo in the courts, potentially embroiling the four countries in a wide-sweeping conflict not seen since the coming of Man. The dark champions of Fear, Pride, Desire, and Hatred gather their armies in the four corners of the world, while the guiding stars of the Dragonei are slowly darkening, one by one. Will the prophesied Knights of Dragoneia answer the call to unite the four countries and drive back the forces of darkness? And what will it cost them?

The Campaign

The “Knights of Dragoneia” campaign uses a homebrewed version of the Legend of the Five Rings 4th edition game. Each character has mastery over a single domain such as Fire, Death, or Illusion, in addition to their talents at swordplay, cunning, diplomacy, or spellcraft. It’s a point-buy system, so you can build the character you want and still freely cast magic related to your domain. The game can hold up to twelve rotating players, one per domain, with a limit of six characters to feature in each session. That week’s players get to decide where they go and what they aim to do during the session, but the threat will continue to mount with each passing day. Are you prepared to face your destiny?

Main Page

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