Dragons once ruled the world. Though they have since died out, their legacy continues to shape the world.

The four most powerful dragons to fall became known as the Cardinal Dragonei. Their names were Sylvain, Iskendyr, Zephyr, and Arceira. Each one embodied one of the four continents, directions, and seasons. From their lifeblood was born the four mortal races: the Sylvanar, Beastkin, Aven, and Fairgean.

Below the Cardinal Dragonei in power were the twelve Ordinal Dragons. When they died, they ascended into the heavens to watch over the world of Dragoneia for eternity as the dragonlights. Their kin joined them in time, forming the constellations. They continue to soar across the night sky, endlessly chasing Mirelia’s silver and gold dragon eggs—the moon and sun. The mortal races remembered the names of the first dragons that lit up the sky and named the months after them.

As the dragons slowly died out, they gifted their magic into the world itself so that it could respond to the will of those who lived there. The mortals could literally remake the world as they pleased, so long as they possessed sufficient will. In this world of possibility, peace reigned for many centuries; each mortal race had an entire continent to call its own.

At the dawn of the Third Age, a fifth race of mortals discovered the world of Dragoneia and brought with them evil in their hearts. They called themselves humans, and they made war against the four races to make room for their cities. Humans soon learned they, too, could manipulate the world around them using their force of will, but the strength of the darkness in their hearts gave birth to four evil dragons, called the Sindragonei: Lacrimosa, of Revenge; Invidiel, of Desire; Nahaad, of Fear; and Sarvenaz, of Pride.

The few dragons remaining struggled against these powerful demi-gods, but they could not turn the tide. Fueled by their corruption, the humans waged a devastating war against the four races, conquering the four corners of the land. Hope was fading, and the empire of mankind threatened to cover the entire world in shadow.

Twelve warriors, pure of heart, gathered from across the continents to try and turn the tide. Eight warriors came from the native races, but four humans defied their emperor and joined the cause as well. This so moved the Dragonei that they bequeathed their powers to these twelve knights to serve as their avatars on earth and seal away the spreading darkness. By their powers combined, the Sindragonei were banished from Dragoneia and the humans’ emperor was slain. A peace was brokered, and mankind was integrated into Dragoneian society with the promise to never unify again.

Since the Great War of the Third Age, the world has enjoyed relative peace and stability thanks to the warriors’ sacrifice, but darkness is again growing in the hearts of men…


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