Tag: languages


  • Sylvan

    *Sylvan*, the language of the [[Sylvanar]] is very quick and staccato-sounding, with clicking noises inserted at various intervals.

  • Kinder

    The language of the [[Beastkin]], *Kinder*, is difficult for others to master because it relies so heavily on body language as well as scent, but most Beastkin who live among the merchant caravans can also speak a dialect or two of Mannaz.

  • Avian

    *Avian* is one of the most difficult languages for a non-native to master, given that it comprises whistles and birdsong. [[Aven|Avens]] would have a hard time communicating vocally with humans due to their physiology, but their command over air permits …

  • Sirenian

    The [[Fairgean|Fairge]] language, *Sirenian*, sounds sing-songy to the ear, and is often high-pitched in order to travel great lengths underwater. Clicking sounds are also employed on land or for short distances underwater.

  • Mannaz

    [[Human|Humans]] brought their own language, *Mannaz*, to [[Dragoneia]] when they immigrated. Mannaz became a lingua franca between the races, and all but the most remote settlements learned how to speak it. After the forcible division of human kingdoms, …