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  • Beastkin

    [[File:442211 | class=media-item-align-right | 250px | PZO9240-Kitsune.jpg]]The Beastkin are the wild, nomadic people of the [[Iskendyr|Iskendysh deserts]]. They speak [[Kinder]]. Beastkin characters gain *+1 Agility* at character creation. h3. …

  • Kinder

    The language of the [[Beastkin]], *Kinder*, is difficult for others to master because it relies so heavily on body language as well as scent, but most Beastkin who live among the merchant caravans can also speak a dialect or two of Mannaz.

  • Dara

    h5. Backstory Dara grew up in a small, nomadic tribe of mink-like beastkin who roamed the desert for survival. Her mother is the religious figure-head for the clan and Dara helped her mother perform funerary rites for their fallen clan-mates. This …

  • Lorelai

    Lorelai is Khal'ashir's half-sister, left behind in Darkhan territory when her mother left Zephyr without her. She was raised as a member of the Darkhan tribes and is more like them than the beastkin, but her half-beastkin nature is plain to see in her …