Knight of Fire, Craft, and Ritual


Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Crab Hands (3)
  • Clear Thinker (3)
  • Quick Healer (3)
  • Can’t Lie (2)
  • Driven: Personal Goal (2)
  • Contrary (3)
  • Idealistic (3)

Conflict-Driven Questionnaire

1. What does your character want most in the world? Why?

Valda wants most to test her knowledge and prove her worth. Though she is a voracious learner, esoteric knowledge or knowledge for knowledge’s sake doesn’t quite sate her thirst. She needs to apply what she’s learned and what she can do as a final test of whether or not the knowledge she has gained is worthwhile.

2. What character traits or talents will help them achieve their goals?

She is a clear and focused thinker with a hard streak of determination. She is not ashamed to admit to ignorance, because by identifying one’s lack of knowledge, one can know where to seek further knowledge.

3. What kinds of people or things might help the character achieve their goals?

People who support learning and doing things the (perceived) right way instead of the (perceived) easy way. Others with a love of discovering new things. Access to new knowledge through libraries or loremasters.

4. What character traits or flaws will get in the way of achieving their goals?

Strongly opinionated and very direct, Valda can easily be seen as an upstart by those she seeks knowledge from. She also holds herself to impossible standards by subconsciously believing there is no limit to knowledge or to power, so she will never feel like she has done or learned enough and must always strive further. She always seeks the simplest and most logical solutions without taking into consideration that the world is infinitely more complicated than the simple application of her knowledge can account for. She does not accept that there is no “right” answer.

5. What kinds of people or things might get in the way of achieving their goals?

People who obscure fact or secret away their knowledge rather than sharing it with others. Complicated situations that cannot be solved by the application of knowledge.

6. Who/what is your character afraid of? Why?

Valda is most afraid of her own limitations, which manifests as a fear of disappointing others, a fear of repeating past mistakes (because she did not learn from them), and the fear that her knowledge won’t be enough to help anyone (helplessness). This comes from her high personal standard and set of beliefs about knowledge being power.

7. Who/what does your character hate? Why?

Valda hates purposeful ignorance. This can be people who choose not to pursue knowledge when its right in front of them, people ignoring facts, people allowing knowledge to be lost or forgotten, or people who ignore the plight of others, willingly choosing not to share their knowledge to the advancement at all. She feels that the point of knowledge is to apply it, so to sit around not doing anything with it or to lose it means that the knowledge may as well not exist. Knowledge is meant to be applied.

8. What is one thing your character regrets? Why?

Please refer to character secret.


Valda comes from a large, tight-knight family. Her father plays a role of importance in the politics of their clan and her mother is a reputable smith. She is the third oldest out of 7 sisters. The other 6 are, in order of age:

Ana, a warrior of the clan.
Cass, a scout of the clan.
Petra, a Journeywoman weaver.
Roz, aspires to be a skald.
Trys, a brat.
Beryl, too young to do much of anything.


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