Knight of Darkness, Trickery, and Stealth


Archery {3}
Sleight of Hand {3}
Stealth {3}
Diplomacy {1}
Investigation {1}


Clear Thinker
Luck {6}
Magical Resistance {2}
Mirelia’s Blessing


Lame (Wings)
Phobia (Heights)


Shi’eera’s blood mother Razha, was a golden Aquila and her father a mysterious Corvus that was said to live in another settlement. Once Razha laid her egg she chose a mate in the incredibly beautiful Cygnus, Daya. It was purely a political marriage at first. The Aquila clan was highly regarded by their settlement for bringing criminals to justice. The Cygnus clan were known for their wealth and beauty. It seemed the perfect match to raise the hatchling. After time, Daya’s sweetness broke down Razha’s hard serious nature. They fell in love and everything seemed perfect until Shi’eera was born.

She hatched with malformed wings that would never bare her weight. They called her kind Ratites. The Avens in her settlement believed Ratites were cursed by Fendelar never to feel the wind beneath their wings. They feared that those associated with Ratites would anger Fendelar so they forced the Ratites to live in a hobble encampment on the outskirts of the settlement. All but Ratites were forbidden there. The more powerful clans would sometimes send the Ratites rations and supplies but no Aven would dare pay a Ratite for work. It was not unheard of that some Aven parents would leave their Ratite hatchling in the care of a human village nearby as to not sully their reputation in Aven society.

Razha wanted to do just that, at the sight of her Ratite chick. Daya on the other hand loved Shi’eera the moment she hatched. Before Razha could act the swan step-mother whisked Shi’eera away. When the Avens finally found her again Daya’s wings were completely gone. Razha was horrified. Burning with anger she vowed vengeance on those responsible. Daya merely told her that she had made this decision herself. “I shall live as my chick lives. For, I cannot console her if I cannot begin to understand her struggles.”

Razha was disgusted and felt betrayed by her mate. She could not comprehend Daya’s decision. She abandoned Daya and the chick to the Ratite encampment. Life in that alienage was hard but Daya’s kindness opened many doors among the distrustful Ratite.

Shi’eera, on the other hand, could not accept this life. She was not allowed in the Aven schools so she was educated by her step mother. Shi’eera yearned for a life among the Aven people so she constantly sneaked off to spy on the Aven classes. One day she was caught by older teen Avens who carried her as high as they could into the sky to teach her a lesson. Unfortunately they overestimated how high they could go and dropped Shi’eera on accident. With amazing luck another Aven, Ky, managed to save her but it still implanted an incredible fear of heights into Shi’eera. Ky became her first real friend, not caring about the “silly” Ratite rules.

As Shi’eera continued to grow, her mother’s mind started to deteriorate. It was rare mental illness that was found in the Cyngus line. It would eat away at one’s memory until they died. This is how Shi’eera found out about her true mother Razha and Daya’s sacrifice. At that point a drought hit and food was scarce. Shi’eera was desperate trying to care for her mother and herself. Another old Corvus Ratite, Kek, took a shine to Shi’eera and started teaching her about survival. He taught her to disappear when she needed, pick pockets to for extra coin and talk her way out of any other trouble that might come find her. Best of all he gave her a bow and taught her to use it. She took to it easily, loving every aspect of it. While she trained with Kek she began to grow wary of him. She would catch glimpses of his real personality. It was cold, manipulative and unsympathetic. He tried to get her to abandon Daya and travel the world with him. When she outright refused, he left the settlement though she never learned how.

This changed Shi’eera. The only person she truly trusted and loved was Daya and most days her step-mother didn’t even know who she was. A vile hatred for Razha brewed in Shi’eera’s heart despite Daya’s protests. Shi’eera vowed to leave the Aven race as soon as Daya passed never to have anything to do with her people again.


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