Khal'ashir's half-sister


Lorelai is Khal’ashir’s half-sister, left behind in Darkhan territory when her mother left Zephyr without her. She was raised as a member of the Darkhan tribes and is more like them than the beastkin, but her half-beastkin nature is plain to see in her eyes, ears and tail.

Lorelai has a bit of a sour personality. She isn’t quite as welcoming to outsiders as Khal’ashir, and views her brother as a bit of an airhead. Not that she’d want to share leadership of the tribe – she’s happy to hunt and ride through the steppes on her own. She is independent and a bit of a loner, though now that things are starting to heat up with the appearance of the Knights, she’s excited to meet with the other tribes. Life is finally getting interesting!


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