Knight of Wilderness, Life, and Growth




  • Dangerous Beauty (3)
  • Friend of the Elements (Earth) (3)
  • Quick Healer (3)
  • Voice (3)
  • Wealthy (1)


  • Bitter Betrothal (2)
  • Black Sheep (3)
  • Gullible (4)

Height: 6’0"
Weight: 170lbs
Build: Sleek frame, athletic tone
Hair: Blueish green leaves that fall to mid back.
Eye Color: Bright green (the color of spring leaves)

  • Polite
  • Naive
  • Adventurous
  • Cautious
  • Dreamer
  • Independent

FloraBorn into royalty, Flora is the princess of the Sylvanar tribe. Ever sense she was young, Flora was always getting into trouble for her sense of adventure. She would roam alone throughout the woods looking for quiet places to hide and practice her magic.

Just like her mother, who most recently passed on, Flora was born a ritualist and possesses the ability to perform Essence of the Land, a spell that is highly regarded in the Sylvanar culture. Since she is now the only Sylvanar in her tribe to possess this skill, her father tries to keep her safe by locking her up within the halls of their grove, forbidden to leave without proper escorts.

Distraught in being destined to marry her elder brother Fauna on the eve of her 16th birthday and to lead a life behind closed doors, Flora makes a plan to escape the grove and to travel the world of Dragonia. Even though she is terrified that she’ll be shunned by her father, brother and her tribe; she is excited to start her own life where she can actually use her magic. A life of freedom, of adventure and of all unknown experiences!

Side notes:

  • Flora loves her family and tribe very much, and because of this she constantly feels regret for leaving them. She knows that she had a sense of duty as a princess to serve her tribe. It is her feelings of betrayal that keep her from going back.
  • Flora loves and cares for Fauna, but their proposed marriage was strictly political for her. Fauna, on the other hand, is infatuated by Flora’s beauty and is very protective of his sister. He has been her main escort at all times, never leaving her side, except for at night. It was at night when Flora ran away, leaving the leaf shaped emerald engagement ring behind with a note that stated,
“This is the time for chasing my desires. What’s in my heart is true and if my dreams didn’t set these desires on fire, then I would still belong to you. -Flora"


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