Knight of Death, Cycles, and Renewal

  • Higher Purpose (3)
  • Black Sheep (3)
  • Driven (2)
  • Infamous (2)

Dara grew up in a small, nomadic tribe of mink-like beastkin who roamed the desert for survival. Her mother is the religious figure-head for the clan and Dara helped her mother perform funerary rites for their fallen clan-mates. This directly affected Dara because it forced her to see the terrible acts of harm that people inflicted on one another, as well as what disease does to the body, most notably the Sin-dragonei taint. Dara began to compassionately end the lives of all those who were sick and mortally wounded within her tribe. She began to passionately believe that Morghanos was guiding her to do this, so she began to kill in her dragon’s name. Dara believes that this helps people find their way to Morghanos in the afterlife.

Her clan found out that she was the one wielding the dagger that was mysteriously ending certain clan-members’s lives. Dara was immediately cast out from her tribe. Dara has since made her way to a large city and has set up shop as an assassin for hire. She only accepts bounties that are “deserved” and “blessed by Morghanos” in her mind, according to her religious beliefs.

What does this character want?
  • to serve Morghanos
  • to help people who are suffering
  • to learn how to make a painless poison to help people on their death journey
  • to start a Temple of Morghanos which would educated people and convert them to her belief system
  • to hunt the Sin-dragonei
What traits or talents will help achieve this characters goals?
  • Compassion
  • Seen as having an “old soul”
  • Quiet, thoughtful, and decisive
  • Handy with a sharp blade
  • Nimble and swift
  • Protector
What kinds of people or things might help with this?
  • Compassionate, loving people
  • Decisive people who think like Dara
  • Money to create her temple
  • Someone with a working knowledge of plant-life or a book on local botany to help her create poisons
  • People who know who or what the Sin-dragonei are
What traits or flaws will get in the way?
  • Arrogance
  • Thinks she’s always right
  • Stubborn
What kinds of people or things might get in the way?
  • People who think Dara is a murderous, insane killer
  • Indecisive people will frustrate her
  • Mortal laws about killing will get in the way
Who/what is your character afraid of?
  • Falling in love
  • Having a family and friends
  • All of these are because she is afraid of losing people to death
Who/what does your character hate?
  • Bullies
  • Unscrupulous people
  • Sin-dragonei
One thing your character regrets?
  • Losing her clan because she feels responsible for their welfare and education. If she had taught them her belief system, maybe they would have accepted her somehow.
Why has this character been sent to a conclave to discuss the resurgence of monsters?
  • Dara is answering a call. She saw a flyer in her city, seeking help regarding this matter and she is offering her services to help the world. She also believes that she might make some money for her temple while she’s at it.


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