Knights of Dragoneia

Shi'eera's Thoughts on Shadathrax, Inky, and Agamemnon

Let’s just get something straight right away: I am not the Knight of Shadathrax.

All of these people seemed convinced but I don’t understand why.

First of all I steal to survive, not for my own amusement or greed. I steal because I need to feed my step mother and myself. I don’t take pleasure in taking something from someone…(well, maybe, if they have too much on their hands to begin with) but I do not steal just to see if I can. When I do steal I try to steal from those that can afford it. Not that I’m noble soul or anything but poor stealing from poor is just bad for market.

I like a good joke as much as the next person. I pull pranks for my own amusement. I admit it. But, my pranks are not cruel or vicious. They don’t put any one in danger. They are light, little things, that are needed among the seriousness of everyday life and nasty situations.

Though I can, I do not manipulate people for my own satisfaction. When I was teenager I was taught to move people around like chess pieces with my words. When Kek first taught me to “persuade” people it was….addicting. I was addicted to the power I had over people when I used his words. It became less about survival and more about my pleasure. I could ignite the Aven people against each other. I could be the last small stone to send a loaded cart crashing down a mountain.

It was only right that I now had power over the people that had made me powerless, right? Didn’t that just make me as bad as they were? I realized Kek’s lessons left a sour aftertaste in my mouth. I refused to twist people around for my own amusement just because I could.

Now, I play the fool. A fool that blunders at being the “Trickster”. I might be ignored for my blathering. I might be brushed aside for a silly individual who dallies in “ignorance” but that is what I must be because I am afraid of becoming like Kek.

Kek. He would have made a brilliant Knight of Shadathrax. He taught me more than I needed to survive. He created me and then used me as a tool like only a true manipulator could do. Everyone was (and probably still is) his puppet. He would insight a riot just to make a point. If someone betrayed him he didn’t just punish them, he punished their whole family. He took pleasure in it all and tried to invoke those same emotions in me. He said I would carry on his teachings when he passed.

He was mistaken.

If I were the Knight of Shadathrax I would be more like Kek. The others are sure I am the Knight of Shadathrax and that I should just accept it (they weren’t exactly subtle when hinting we should go to his temple). They don’t realize if I accept this role I accept something more than just this title.

I would have to admit that my entire existence is Shadathrax’s greatest cosmic joke. It would explain a great deal about my life if I were to accept it.

When I was just an egg I was supposed to be the successor to my birth mother, Razha and the Aquila clan. People expected me to be a prodigy of the Aven race because of the brilliance of my birth mother. Then I hatched.

The medicine woman declared me a Ratite. It might just seem like a name to most but to my people it is everything. It meant you were at odds with Air, it meant you would bring Air’s displeasure on your family and friends, but mainly, it meant you would never fly. Joke number one! Quite a knee slapper!

What can we possibly follow that up with, you might ask? I know let’s make her completely void of magic so she can’t even use the air to fly like some of the other Ratites can . Yeah, that will be perfect! I mean even the youngest of chicks among our kind can feel the life of the winds blowing about, or so I’ve been told. Our entire race is supposed to be “inclined” to magic. We excel with air and illusion spells. Not me, of course. Even other casters find it difficult to maintain spells on me. What irony?!

To top it all off, lets have the only person who has ever loved her give up their wings for her and slowly let their mind deteriorate so they can’t remember her at all. Yeah. That will be perfect for the Knight of Shadathrax!

No matter how much fancy armor, weapons, powers or boogers (though it takes offense to the name Booger, so I’ve decided on Inky) I receive, I will never admit to being Shadathrax’s Knight. At least not while I still have energy in my body to deny it. I refuse to be the butt of his sadistic joke.

I will go along with it to protect my step-mother while she still has time in this realm. I will fulfill that stupid promise I made to my birthmother. Saving the world’s no big deal right?

Note to Self: Figure out why that Hoot-head Agamemnon is trying to be nice to me. He obviously wants something from me…Or maybe it’s the whole Aven buddy-buddy thing…Maybe he is so dense he hasn’t realized I can’t fly yet…Either way keep an eye on him………………Maybe he wants the Spell scrolls………

Second Note to Self: Hide the Spell scrolls.

Third Note to Self: Teach Horse I don’t need a bath every time he sees me.


lindevi Nanami_Sunset

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