Knights of Dragoneia

My Gamemaster Manifesto

Rights & Responsibilities of the Players and GM

Most, but not all of you, have played with me as a Gamemaster before. Every group has their own social contract, and here is the social contract I intend to work from during Knights of Dragoneia.

  1. I pledge to use the characters you made to help determine the kind game you want to play. This includes class, stats, skills, and backstory. I will also take into account your expectations and style as a player. In exchange, I would like to place certain limits on the types of characters available at character creation to ensure that nobody’s character is disruptive to the campaign or to the party as a whole.
  2. I pledge to try and tell a good story. I will give you characters to conspire with and against, nations to save or ruin, and memorable encounters to terrify you or provide comic relief. In exchange, I hope that you’ll contribute ideas of your own to help make the setting something you want to be invested in.
  3. I pledge to value “rule of cool” over game rules. This means that I might cheat or fudge rolls in order to tell the best story possible. Conversely, if you want to try an awesome stunt or do something to enrich the story that’s not covered by the rules, I will work with you to let you do it.
  4. I pledge not to play favorites. I will not show preferential treatment or give special favors to a single player for any reason; everyone will have a chance to shine. In exchange, players will not gang up on or bully other players out of character, or do the same in-character without that player’s express permission.
  5. I pledge to help you create a character and understand the rules. If you have any questions about your character’s abilities or why the enemies are doing what they’re doing, please ask me and I will slow down to explain what’s going on. In exchange, I would like you to take a reasonable amount of your own time to familiarize yourself with the system we’re using.
  6. I pledge to stay within the limits I’ve set in terms of mature content, and I expect you to also to adhere to the game’s agreed-upon rating.
  7. I pledge to keep to a schedule, and to give advance notice of cancellations as much as I can. In return, please come on time and let me know if you expect to be late or miss the session. I will work with you on availability to the best of my ability.
  8. I pledge to honor fun above all else. Above egos and above rules. If there is something interfering with the fun at the table, work with me and together we can address it.


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