Knights of Dragoneia

Journal of Aella Veton

Her Adventures in a Weird Land

Aella Veton

XX/XX – 9:00 AM – Greenwich, CT

Just finished at music club — we played a concerto from Mendelssohn. I think we’re finally sounding good enough to stand a chance against the school from New York. The driver looked upset when I got out today. Well, I was late but we had all gotten so caught up in the music. I tried apologizing but he didn’t really want to hear it.

Oh, there’s a meteor shower tonight! I wonder if I’ll be able to see it from the gardens… Ah, there goes the radio. I guess Bernard isn’t a big fan of astronomy.

It’s so quiet… I told Aunt that I didn’t need a driver. School isn’t that far away from where the club meets. Wait! Was that? It was! A comet just shot across the sky! I leaned up to ask Bernard if he had seen it, but thought better of it. Not a fan of astronomy and in a bad mood. Even if he did see it, I doubt he would care.

Oh well.

I wish he’d turn the radio back on. This silence is really uncomfortable.


Oh… No… NO!!!

(Car comes speeding through the intersection, right at me. Then everything goes black.)

XX/XX – Dusk? – I have no idea…

I gasp for air. My lungs feel as if they’ve been bereft of oxygen for days. When I open my eyes, I see… A clearing in a forest? What am I doing in a forest? Wasn’t I just in the car?

Am I… Am I dead? Is this purgatory? So that exists? Or is this a dream. Wait, there are others around me. Oh, they seem just as confused as I am. I clutch my violin case against my body, clinging to the comfort of something familiar.

The air around me smells of something burning, and there seems to be something like a temple in the distance? It’s a little far but it looks like someone knows where they’re going!

Oh, good, introductions. If I’m going to be stuck in the middle of some strange forest, it would be good to know who I’m stuck with.

Vin Costia, Kuu Taylor, and Edin Strongbow. They all sound like they’re from foreign lands. Are we in a foreign land? How did I get in a foreign land?!

Edin is walking in the direction of the temple. Well, if she knows where she’s going, I’m going to follow her. Plus, she has a knife. Oh I hope we don’t need a knife.

Where are we? My phone has no signal whatsoever, but it at least works. Vin…doesn’t seem to know what a cell phone is. That’s…weird. And she’s dressed like she’s at a Renaissance Festival. Is that what’s happening? Did I suddenly get caught up in some play?

Howling. Wolves?

No. We quicken our pace. Those aren’t wolves. I’ve heard wolves before. They sound…different. Wrong. Very, very wrong. We need to keep moving. I hold my violin case tighter against me.

The terrain is so steep! I’m glad I wore boots today. Oh, Kuu seems to be having trouble. If we don’t hurry, those… creatures… will catch up with us and I don’t like the sound of that. I’ll help her.

Ah… Oops? She didn’t not take my help well. She shouldn’t be embarrassed! This is a very steep mountain!

Oh, good the temple is getting closer. Wow, it’s actually very… grand. Ornate. With a very intimidating presence. I’d be more in awe if I didn’t think we were probably in mortal danger. But I’ve never seen anything like this before.

Edin suggests trying an SOS in the direction of the temple. That could work.

Oh, no, it didn’t work. Is there nobody there? I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing right now.

Finally! We’re almost there! Interesting tapestries… Oh, crap. Two wolves. On the stairs in front of us. Chewing on…are those bodies? Oh god those are bodies. Dead bodies. And they’re eating them. No. Wait, those aren’t wolves. No… Oh god what are they?! What’s wrong with their heads?!

Oh… No…

They saw us.


We made it. I can’t… I can’t believe it! How?! How is this possible?! I just cast magic! Oh my god. I’ve been drugged; that’s the only explanation. Right? Galeforce Rhapsody. That’s what it was called. But I’m not useless at least. Everyone else had a weapon. I’m decent at a bow but… Magic is possible? And Kuu and Edin seem to be able to do magic too. And they look just as confused as I feel. When the… things… died, my soul seemed to feel better too. Is that just because of the fear I had felt? Kuu and Vin are hurt but they say they’re okay… I hope they’re okay!

We can hear more in the distance. More of those awful creatures are heading our way. We need to get into the temple, but there’s a 6 foot chasm in our way! We could jump it but… Well, I’m not very athletic… Wait.

Breeze Adagio? More magic? It seems to be able to lift us into the air and gently deposit us on the other side of the hole.

What is happening to us?

This temple is very, very old. Those tapestries look like they’re practically decaying! There are… Twelve. Twelve tapestries, four that are larger and more prominent than the others. They seem to depict specific elements. And they all have dragons on them.

There’s one with a dragon surrounded by tornados and lightning. Suddenly, the tapestry looks brand new! He looks… I don’t want to say familiar but there is something about him. When I touch it, I have a sense of… home? Comfort? But almost a slight… trepidation? It goes back to its decayed state. I look at Vin. Was that her?

So… We can all do magic? Did we die? Are we dreaming?

Somehow I don’t feel like we are.

The creatures are getting closer. We have to get in the temple.

Once we get in, Vin does something to the doors, making them look like the stone they used to be. There is no way the creatures are getting through. But then, there is no way we’re getting out that way.

It’s so dark in here, I can’t see anything until somehow Edin casts light about the room. The candles are burning as if naturally.

The temple has been abandoned for a long, long time. Everything is covered in cobwebs and the decay of time. I had managed to grab a bow from one of the bodies outside, but this is a bit different than the bow I use in my archery club. I’m going to have to adjust to this. Hopefully I won’t have to use it.

Edin starts to go through the door into another room. This room has four indentations in the shape of discs. We try looking around in the room for something that would fit in there but no luck. We try looking in another room and this room is covered in vines and flora! There is a tree literally growing in the corner. It has… a crest in its bark? What?

It looks tough to get out but Kuu manages to do it. We look in the next room. Oh god it’s so hot. I have to get out of here! As I go back to the other room, the temperature goes back to normal. Weird doesn’t begin to describe this place!

Vin is able to get the crest and the air gets normalized. We go to the next room.

This one looks as if there is a tornado inside of it. No one can even get in. I seem to have some sort of control over the wind; maybe if I use that magic from before I can get the crest that is hanging from the ceiling.

Well. I give it a shot. I take a leap, surrounding myself in wind that is flowing the opposite direction and just as I go to grab the crest, it escapes me. It moved! Agh! I try again, this time even more determined. But no! Once again, beyond my reach!

But then…

Oh. I did grab it the first time. I… What?

The last room looks as if it was the backdrop to Frozen. Everything is covered in ice and oh my god it is cold. Thankfully I have my wool coat. But, I think this task belongs to Edin? She looks very cold, so I’ll let her use my coat and I’ll wait outside.

Haha! But I guess she didn’t need it. She seems to be made of heat! The room’s ice melts and the crest is free. My coat is returned.

We go back to the indentations in the original room.

Now. How to do this… I feel like it relates to something back home, but what. Oh, I was never very good at these sorts of things. We try all sorts of combinations but after a period of time, Kuu is able to figure it out! Or rather, she used magic and they sort of…fell into a pattern that looked like it would work. Yay Kuu!

The wall opens. Wow. That is a very, very long hallway. I’m not sure I even want to go down it but do we really have a choice?

As we walk down the longest hallway in the world, statues line the wall. They’re unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. And they look nothing like the dragons we saw in the tapestries. These are people… But not people. What are they? And they’re completely decked out in armor and weapons. They actually look very impressive!

Everything goes dark suddenly. That is never a good sign. My hair begins to stand on end and my heart is hammering in my chest.

There is a creature… Made of shadow. It’s coming at us. Very fast. The fear… is familiar. But different. I remember this fear. Lightning.

Lightning Bolero.

And the attacks begin. I can shoot lightning out of my violin’s bow. What.

My heart is beating out of my chest, but I need to use this fear. We all attack it, but it’s still standing. How is it still standing? Oh god it struck Edin! But we manage to take it down, finally. Wow. The suffocating fear — it’s gone.

This is really happening, isn’t it?

We continue forward and the next room is even grander and ornately decorated. And…there are others… Other people. Wait. No? Are they human? They don’t look like…



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