Knights of Dragoneia

Barely Legible Ramblings by Dara

Entry 1

YES! I knew it!

I am chosen by the Dragonei! The Dragon Temple Priestess said it is so. Morghanos desires her work to continue and I must become the tool that she needs to finish the job.

List of things need to do to become supreme weapon of Morghanos:
1. Get a sharp Knife
2. Clean and sharpen Kusarigama (make sure no brains stuck from that caster at the temple!)
3. Patch armor
4. Get in shape
5. Stealth, stealth, stealth!
6. Take bath when mink musk becomes unbearable for companions (This is important! I must play nice with these people. Daikon person seems….nice)
7. Get money
8. Find place for Dojo of Morghanos
9. Make experiments with the liquids and the explosions. Need to find the right concoction for painless, eternal sleep…
10. Meditate

North! To the North! Why did people go South? There’s only two things in that direction: sand and my family…


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