Fengshang, or the Great Valley Kingdom, is the largest and richest kingdom. It has the most powerful bureaucracy and the greatest devotion to the arts given their natural defenses to the east.

It’s like Confucian China, except that the tests of merit (and morality) for the bureaucracy are based on belief/will and piety, not intellect, so the Keepers in the country are also often its officials.

From Wikipedia:

Since only a few could become court or local officials, the majority of the scholar-gentry stayed in villages or cities as social leaders. The scholar-gentry carried out social welfare measures, taught in private schools, helped negotiate minor legal disputes, supervised community projects, maintained local law and order, conducted Confucian ceremonies, assisted in the government’s collection of taxes, and preached Confucian moral teachings. As a class, these scholars claimed to represent morality and virtue. The district magistrate, who by regulation was not allowed to serve in his home district,depended on local gentry for advice and for carrying out projects, giving them power to benefit themselves and their clients.

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