Aella Veton

Knight of Storms, Air, and Music

  • Chosen by the Oracles: Air (6)
  • Irreproachable (2)
  • Gaijin Gear: Violin (5)
  • Virtuous (3)
  • Lost Love: Parents (3)
  • Soft-hearted (2)
  • Gullible (4)
  • Haunted (Parents) (3)
  • Driven (4)

Journal of Aella Veton

Age: 16
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 115lbs
Build: Slender, delicate
Hair: Waist-length, typically pulled into low ponytails
Hair Color: Sky blue
Eye Color: Grey
Style: Feminine, simple.
Appearance: Cute, unassuming

Aella grew up in the city of Seattle, near Ballard. Due to tragic events, she ended up an orphan at fourteen and was reluctantly taken in by her mother’s wealthy sister and her three teenage daughters. She now lives with them in their mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut. She attends private school with her three cousins.

She does not get along with her new family, though not for lack of trying. From the moment she walked through the door, she was obviously unwelcome. Her aunt in particular is not subtle about her distaste towards her father and her mother for marrying him, and treats Aella with much the same attitude. Her cousins follow suit and have taken to bullying her while at home. At school, because they don’t care enough and also because they are in separate classes, Aella gets a reprieve from their harsh treatment.

She appears sweet-natured with a gentle disposition. She’ll go out of her way to help people. Though gullible, willing to believe that people are good and wouldn’t lie to her, she isn’t an idiot and if presented with evidence to the contrary she makes her own judgments. She believes life to be precious and is willing to risk everything to keep others from harm. She will stand up for what she believes in, but if the negative action is directed towards her, she’ll take it as if punishing herself.

Beneath her cheerful, almost bubbly, exterior lies a guarded sadness.

At school she is in the orchestra and the music club. She excels with the violin, seeming to have a gift for coaxing out the beautiful sounds. She uses her mother’s violin, and it is a dear treasure to her. She never leaves it out of her sight.

Her dream in life is to become a world-class violinist and bring joy and hope to the people around the world with her music.

She seems to have an affinity towards thunderstorms, but she is scared of them and often becomes sullen and distracted when they happen. Her music tends to take on a mournful quality.

Aella Veton

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