Welcome to the Knights of Dragoneia campaign wiki! Please use the left sidebar to navigate to the different sections.

The Forum can be used for discussion, but I recommend using our Facebook Group for faster communication.

The Calendar is going to be hosted over on the Facebook group, so make sure to RSVP if there’s a session you want to attend!

The Adventure Log section is where you can post character diaries or session notes. Just click Create New Post at the top of the page. Below the main text area, you’ll see the GM Only field where you can secretly share additional information with Kat. By checking Entire Post GM Only? you can hide the entire entry from the other players. Finally, you can click Add Player Secret to allow only certain players to see that information.

The Wiki is the primary repository of lore about the setting. Check back often to see what new information has been discovered by the player characters. By looking at the right-hand sidebar for each page you can see when the Last Update was.

You can peruse of the cast of Characters at your leisure to learn more about your fellow knights and the inhabitants of the world. Click the grey + (Plus) in the upper-right hand corner to add a new character. Again, you can choose to restrict certain information to the GM or specific players. Make sure to add a cool picture of your character by clicking Change Character IMG at the very bottom of the new character page.

The Maps page will house a collection of maps as you explore various regions of Dragoneia.

If you have any questions, send me a message!

Knights of Dragoneia

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